You Need to Know How to Find New Subscribers for Your Blog

You See What Finding New Blog Subscribers Means for You?


What’s the question I am asked most frequently about blogging.  Im asked how I acquire readers and why they choose to subscribe to my blog.  Thats the topic on the mind of most bloggers these days so lets tackle it head on.

There’s one ‘secret’ that I’m convinced is the key to increasing your blog subscriber numbers.  I say ‘secret’ because it wasn’t evident to me until recently.  Even though it has been staring me in the face for years.

This ‘secret’ has helped me consistently build my blogs subscriber numbers.  And I see many other bloggers using it to build their blogs.  Sometimes it’s done strategically but often it’s just done intuitively.  Today I want to introduce you to this secret.  I will soon be following this up with some practical tips on how to use it in practice.

What I want to do is just ask a simple question:


Why do You Think People Subscribe to Feeds?


Without a doubt, there are many reasons that people might choose to subscribe to a blogs feed.  However in most cases they usually subscribe for one obvious and powerful reason:

People become subscribers because they think that the blog will help them now and in the future.

Although this is a simple and obvious truth about increasing your blog’s subscriber numbers, it’s worth repeating:

If people think that your blog will make their lives better they will eagerly subscribe to your blog.  

Take a minute to absorb that before continuing…..  Instead of asking “how can I get people to subscribe to my blog” it would be better to ask:

‘How do I convince people that tomorrow, next week or next month I will write something that they just can’t afford to miss.’

Creating a sense of anticipation is the real secret that will build your subscriber numbers.  By building anticipation you’ll find people anxiously following what you have to say in your blog posts.  You won’t have to shove anything down their throats.


How to Create Anticipation on a Blog


I’ve found that creating a sense of anticipation among my readers definitely increases the chances that they’ll subscribe to my blog.  Subscribers recognize how valuable what you write about is to them and their success

But how can you accomplish this?

Meanwhile, here are some questions to give you something to think about:


Feel free to share specific successes you’ve had in the comments below. 



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