How to Promote Your Amazing Blog Using Guest Blogging

How to Promote Your Amazing Blog Using Guest Posting


Welcome to our sixth and final post in our series, “How to Promote Your Blog.”  This series is especially focused on how to promote your blog to new readers if you are just starting out.


What is the quickest way to expose your writing to a new group of people?  It may be to put some of your best content on other peoples blogs.

Guest Posts have always been part of blogging.  Recently I’ve seen strong examples of bloggers using guest posting to help launch their own blogs.  New bloggers can use guest posting to raise their own profiles by exposing their content to new and larger audiences.

For your blog posts to attract new subscribers,  you have to create anticipation in your readers that they can’t live without your future writings.  Your current and past posts are your most effective advertisements for a continued relationship to those arriving on your blog.



How to Win Big by Giving Your Best Content Away


It may seem to be an odd strategy, but posting your best content another person’s blog is something that does pay off.  Remember, the best way to convince people that you’ll write great content in future is to provide them with great content now.  

You need to keep giving your regular readers great content on your blog.  With that accomplished, guest posting is most effective way to expose new people who’ve never heard of you to your great content.  Share your great content where your target audience is already gathering – on other people’s blogs.


How to Build Your Successful Guest Posting Campaign


Many people try to use guest posts to promote their blog with varied rates of success. Here are five tips to help you build your successful guest posting campaign.


Keep Posting Amazing Content on Your Blog


You can’t only focus on producing exceptional posts on other people’s blogs.  You have to continue to post amazing content on your blog.

The great content you post on other people’s blogs is designed to get reader’s attention and convince them to check out your blog.  Use the content on your blog to engage your visitors, giving them the reason to subscribe to your blog.

Don’t provide brilliant content for other people’s blogs while having your blog suffer with subpar content.  It’s actually best to select and schedule your future blog post topics before you begin a guest posting campaign.


How to Strategically Select Your Blog Post Topics


Choosing the right blog post topics is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your Guest Post campaign.  To have the best chance of success requires strategic decision making.

You have to find blogs that have the audience that you want to attract to your blog.  These blogs posts should be on topics that will have some cross over with your blog.

Obviously blogs with large readerships are good – but I would argue that a smaller blog with a more relevant readership would be more effective than a large one with little relevance.


How to Build Relationships With Repeat Guest Posts


You will build a relationship with blog readers if you write guest posts for a blog on a regular basis.  I realize that that’s not always easy to do and also depends on your host blogger being open to this.

Every time you write a post on another blog you reinforce your own brand.  Each post helps establish your brand credibility, reputation, expertise and authority in the mind of their readers.


How to Build Your Brand by Posting on Multiple Blogs


A lesson that I’ve learned from watching other bloggers – many bloggers post regularly on multiple blogs in a niche.  Doing this gives them exposure to a wider audience.  

By posting on several blogs in a niche, it also reinforces the guest bloggers brand.  This audience exposure gives their brand increased credibility because many blogs would have overlap in their readership.  

Your great content would be read by the same readers in different places.


How to Build Your Brand by Posting During Defined Time Periods


Something that I’ve noticed about guest posting.  It’s more effective to engage in the practice of using defined posting times.  I also describe this as using ‘bursts of guest posting’.

You might find it best when launching into a new niche to use several strategically chosen guest posts.  Then hold back to gauge your posts effectiveness while you focus on other projects.  

Then use another ‘burst’ of posts to launch your new project or to give another promotion shot to an older one.  You’ll have to test this strategy for your self to determine if it will work well for you.


How to Keep Creativity Alive While Guest Blogging


A mistake made by many bloggers is burning out by overloading with guest blogging appearances.  Doing this can cause their blog to suffer, through a lack of ideas for new posts if they are spending too much time on guest posts.

It’s difficult to walk that fine line between being prolific and keeping your content fresh and relevant to your readers.  I handle this problem by following my blog topic calendar.

I presently write three original blog posts each week.  My calendar helps me to develop a strategy for the blog post topics which I choose to write about.  I use my calendar to map out my post topics for the next three months.



Have you tried guest posting on other people’s blogs?  What did you learn from your guest blogging experience?  If you are interested in guest posting opportunities please contact me for more information about available options that are available.


How My Three Informative Blogs Promote My Business


My main blog is my Better Business Alliance Blog.  I write about topics which I feel are relevant to small business owners and hope that I am able to inspire others to tackle writing about and promote their business.

My Sunday Better Business Blog post is focused on blogging to promote your business.  I feel that for the small business, the importance of a blog to successfully tell their story is incalculable.  My goal is to convince people that they have a story to tell about they business, and their blog is how they can do that.

My Wednesday Better Business Blog post is aimed more at topics that all business owners hear about but perhaps do not understand.  My goal is to help business owners gain some knowledge about topics such as marketing, social media, website design, SEO and other topics relevant to the digital age we all find ourselves navigating.

Friday’s blog posts alternate between the topics of Accessibility and Sustainability.  These are two topics of special interest to me and hopefully also of interest to a wider audience.  Accessibility International is concerned with accessibility in general with a focus on Web Accessibility.  Sustainability International focuses on what sustainability issues should matter to the business community.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I update and re-post a variety of past blog posts to help reinforce and clarify the content presented in my three new weekly posts.



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