How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in 8 Easy Steps

Do You Want People Linking to Your Blog Post?


Let me give you a tip for getting more people to link to your blog.  Write lists!  There’s no denying the fact that most people like and even use lists in our everyday lives.  Most of us have a shopping list on our fridge or kitchen counter.  Why do you think that is?

Because we all use lists, there’s something about a list that bloggers and blog readers love.  Here’s a list of reasons why lists can be good for your blog:


  1. Lists are Scannable and Snackable – online readers are lazy. A list communicates your points quickly and easily.
  2. Lists keep your posts brief – a list keeps you focused and prevents rambling.
  3. Lists neatly format your content – No-one likes a site full of messily formatted text.  Lists on the other hand can be quite pleasing visually.
  4. Lists are easy to link to– most of the links to the link above simply summarize the lists keypoints.  Bloggers seem to like linking up in this manner.
  5. Lists can be comprehensive– even your seemingly complete list of topic points begs others to add their thoughts on the subject through their comments.
  6. Lists are persuasivea list can form a convincing case for something by quickly presenting many points that build your arguments toward a conclusion.
  7. Lists can add to the ease of writing– writing lists breaks down my thoughts into bite sized pieces which is good not only for readers but helps me express myself methodically in my writing.
  8. Lists Can Become Memes– it’s hard to describe, but your lists can unleash an avalanche of ideas.


For the above reasons, and many others, bloggers seem to love linking to and commenting on lists and as a result they have the ability to spread quickly


Don’t Over-use Lists in Your Blog Posts


There is obviously a good case for using lists occasionally when writing your blog posts.  However, there is a danger for you to use lists too much.  Sometimes a topic needs to be handled differently because the amount of content to be covered is larger and more in depth.  

In that case a long form blog post can work perfectly or the content may better lend itself to being covered in a series of posts.  Overall using lists as part of your blog writing mix is a viable strategy for spreading your message.



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