Stay productive and connected using remote work apps *

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people working remotely has doubled.  Working remotely has become the ‘new normal.

Whether you are working from home or ‘out of the office’, the right remote work apps can help you keep your operations running smoothly. Having the right tools keeps your work outside of the office fluent, functional and successful.

Let’s look at the remote work apps that will help you remain productive, creative, and most importantly, connected, wherever you are in the world.

What are the best remote work apps to help you stay productive


In this post, we’ll be covering remote work apps within Microsoft 365 that you can use for:

  1. File-sharing and note organization.
  2. Real-time conversations.
  3. Multi-device flexibility.
  4. Content creation and marketing.

Let’s take a look.


1. File-sharing and note organization

For anyone working remotely, work apps that enable file sharing with partners, colleagues, collaborators, clients and customers are essential.

Microsoft 365’s business package, you can share, store and modify files securely through it’s built-in cloud drive called OneDrive.  With OneNote, it’s possible to make notes, leave comments, share ideas and provide valuable information with real-time collaboration.  You are able to communicate and collaborate wherever you are in the world with your laptop and a WiFi connection.

Microsoft 365 provides a sustainable solution where you can sync your calendar, emails and contacts, all of your documents, details, projects and data is safely and automatically backed up in the cloud.

Microsoft’s recent OneDrive update also offers access to brand new features including:

  • Added cloud storage
  • DarkMode and additional design features that improve performance, reduce eye strain, and conserve battery power
  • PDF document viewing bookmark functionality
  • Extensive email events invite content summary options


2. Real-time conversations

Microsoft 365’s real-time collaborative and communication tools or functions are the perfect remote work apps.  They ensure quick and easy work-based conversations or even more comprehensive face-to-face meetings, even while you’re moving from place-to-place.

With reliable, robust and accessible communicative tools including Microsoft Teams, scheduling conversations with clients and collaborators on a remote basis is quick and stress-free.

This allows you to progress through proposals and projects from wherever you might be working.  Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft has emerged as a go-to professional meeting app, with an epic growth of 894%. That’s huge.


3. Multi-device flexibility

With Microsoft 365’s superior syncing capabilities, in addition to its cloud-based functionality, logging in and accessing your work is entirely feasible — saving you time and effort.

Wherever you are, you can check in on emails, share files and even work offline with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means that you will never miss a beat, thus helping you avoid missing deadlines or missing vital communications that could ultimately make or break your career.


4. Content creation and marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a content writer, graphic designer or you’re a local dog trainer,  it’s vital for you to maintain a professional image and keep the work flowing.

Creating engaging content for your audience is a necessity, while keeping your blog, website and social media channels up-to-date.  Microsoft 365 comes with intuitive, time-saving and completely savvy co-authoring and research features.

These tools help to make data and insights actionable, reducing repetitive tasks and helping you to solve problems easier and get your work done faster.


That’s a wrap

Microsoft 365 helps freelancers and remote workers produce high quality work outside of the standard office environment.

By utilizing the features, functionality and platforms offered in Microsoft 365, you’ll have the remote work apps to keep your tasks organized and timely. You will find it easier to work in the remote age—and you will thrive in the long term.



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