Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson Webinar

​The accelerating rate of climate change and environmental degradation demands organisations take action to embed sustainability within their daily functioning. The need for integrated sustainability within business is becoming increasingly urgent. We have designed a coaching programme: Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson to encourage organisations to have internal sustainability leaders.
Why is it important to embed sustainability?

Some have critisised corporate sustainability strategies that fail to fully embed sustainability within the organisation, arguing that this leads to ineffectual action. We have launched out new coaching programme  Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson to make it as easy as possible to become a sustainability leader within your organisation.

The presenter is Will Richardson – CEO and Founder of Green Element.

Will is a ​Fellow of IEMA and has been ‘Greening Up’ organisations for coming up to 20 years. He is considered an early adopter of all things sustainable and has bult up a pethora of exprience over the years. He is a podcast host of the long running Green Element Podcast, ​had Green Element certified to BCorp status back in 2015 and is considered a guru in all things ‘Environmental Management Systems’.


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