3 Must Know Pinterest Tips for Bloggers and Brands *

Pinterest can be a difficult platform for business owners and bloggers to understand. Do you wonder if you can use Pinterest to build your brand, make money and build your email list?

The good news is that Pinterest can help you acheive your goals.  Pinterest can help you to build your brand.  Pinterest can help you to make money. Pinterest can help you to build your email list.

First, you have to understand that using Pinterest is not like using Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.  Pinterest, like YouTube, is a search engine!  It’s where people go to find information. It’s where people go to dream and plan for their future.

Keep that in mind and you will be successful marketing to your ideal Pinterest user.  Here are 3 simple steps to help you get the exposure on Pinterest that you want for your business.

You need to convert your Pinterest account into a business account.  

Let me explain why it’s so important to do this.  Doing this, shows Pinterest that you are a real business.  It also gives you access to Pinterest analytics.  This allows you to dive into what your visitors and followers like or want.  An added perk is that your content and boards start showing up in searches for your name or business.  Log into your account and go to business.pinterest.com and follow the prompts.

It’s important to create a branded look for your Pinterest profile.

Your business name must be followed by a few keywords that describe what your business does.  For example, International Association Alliance | Travel Business Association is how we identify ourselves.  It’s important that you name your boards based on keywords your ideal user will likely search to find ideas.  Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform.

Pin daily!  For your Pinterest strategy to succeed you must practice pin consistency.  

You can’t just pin for a few days, weeks or months and then walk away.  It’s important not to be just consistent in your pinning.  You also need to be persistent.  

Success does not happen over night.  Success requires an ongoing commitment.  At the time I write this I have been using Pinterest for 120 days and have created 4,329 pins…. You can do this!  Follow my blog for further posts about my Pinterest marketing adventure.


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