How to Market to Men on Pinterest

Do men use Pinterest?

It’s the question I’ve been asked every year since I started Pinterest marketing. But this year, 2022, it’s about to get real. Pinterest is putting real effort behind getting more men to use the platform.

Recent Pinterest research has shown that men have big plans for the year… and they’re willing to spend more to bring those plans to life.

In fact, 75% of men in the study are planning to spend more to bring their goals to fruition, and they’ve stated that they’re more excited about their plans for 2022 (compared to previous years).

Men have a variety of goals for the new year:

  • Finding more activities to do with family (60%)
  • Seeing more movies in theaters (55%)
  • Eating out more often (55%)
  • Hosting more parties at their house (50%)
  • Making large purchases – like buying a new car (30%)

Whats the best way to market to men on Pinterest?

It’s important to reach men early – during their planning phase. The study showed that men convert quicker in their purchases, so make sure you’re sharing content that helps them make a quick, confident decision.

Men are also premium shoppers, meaning they’re willing to spend a bit more to get what they want faster or to buy a brand they recognize. They also appreciate platforms like Pinterest that help them cut through the internet clutter.

80% of men on Pinterest agree that shopping on the platform leads them to something unexpected that surprises and delights them.

Use these tips to reach more men on Pinterest:

  • Surround important moments for greater impact
  • Highlight new products
  • Incorporate emerging and timely trends


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