How You Can Turn Your Blog Posts Into Landing Pages *

Can Your Blog Post Act as a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?


There are two types of landing pages in common use, reference landing pages and transactional landing pages.  Both types are useful, however it is the transactional landing page which is of particular interest to internet marketers.  

A transactional landing page is a single web page that appears during search engine queries or as the result of clicking on an online advertisement.  Transactional landing pages display targeted sales copy and are used either for lead generation or to induce a transaction.

The purpose of the transactional landing page is persuasion, it is designed to persuade a visitor to take action by completing a transaction.  This is accomplished by providing a form that the visitor needs to complete and submit.  

In most cases the visitor information is obtained to add the visitor’s email address to a mailing list as a prospect.  An email campaign can then be developed based on responses to different transactional landing pages.  

The immediate goal is to capture information about the visitor.  The ultimate goal is to convert the visitor into a customer.


What is a Blog?


A blog is an informational website, written in an informal diary style with each text entry or post.  Posts are usually displayed in reverse order, with the most recent post appearing at the top of the web page.

Most blogs comment about a particular subject or topic, ranging from politics to sports.  Others function as online diaries, or function more as online brand advertising for a particular individual or business.

Typically a blog combines text, digital images, and links to other blogs, web pages and other media related to its topic.  The ability of readers to leave publicly viewable comments, and interact is an important contribution to the popularity of many blogs.  

Blog owners often must moderate and filter online comments to remove hateful other offensive content.


Notice the Similarities?


There are a lot of similarities between Landing Pages and Blog Posts.  Both allow you to create targeted digital content aimed at influencing a visitor to take action and do something that you want them to do.


Start a Conversation


For marketers, it’s all about a transaction whether through a landing page or a blog post.  The transaction always begins with a conversation.  It’s about persuading your visitors to do what you want them to do.  Too many marketers fail to comprehend how they can get their message across using blog posts while making their content attractive to search engines.  

Being informational and subtle can be a more attractive marketing approach than doing a hard sell trying to “hammer” the transaction nail.


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