Practically Green Changes Employee Behavior Via Video Games *

An Epiphany Led to Using Games for Training


Several years ago, Susan Hunt Stevens had an epiphany.

“I had all these light bulbs go off in my head” about Web-based ways to help people reach their sustainability goals, the CEO of Practically Green said.  

Practically Greens mission is to inspire people to build a better working world.  They believe that innovative technology and great content can motivate people to make positive choices.  As people take action, they inspire others to do the same, making the places they work and live stronger and better.


Gaming Customizes Employee Training


Practically Green’s online game helps your company create and scale your employee sustainability engagement program.  It provides a platform for unified, measurable delivery of positive impact initiatives.

Stevens’ firm works with companies helping them customize their own sustainability engagement programs for employees, customers, and others.  The company’s online game, called How Green Are You? has been licensed to businesses to encourage employee sustainability engagement within their own organizations.


Gaming Tracks Employee Progress


Using gaming embraces a new vision for smart employee engagement.  Forward-thinking industry leaders understand that employee engagement is a must-have for the next generation of employees and future competitiveness.

Stevens compares the online game, in which users earn points, to the LEED rating system.  Or to the motivation tools used by Weight Watchers.  But it’s also given users a way to track their sustainability progress while connecting with others.


Gaming Motivates Employees


Use gaming to educate your employees effectively.  Run employee sustainability engagement campaigns that educate your employees on how they can live more sustainable lives.  Reduce your corporate carbon footprint.  Fully measure the impact your employees have at work and at home.  Together, accomplish your sustainability goals for the future today.

“It’s that combination of the game mechanics that we use to help people stay motivated with the power of the social norms that really creates what we’re finding out is one of the most effective behavior-change programs in the country,” she said.



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