Embrace Being Green With These Practical Energy Saving Tips

Adopt Energy Saving Tips for Your Home and Business


We all understand that we have an impact on our environment and the costs involved.  It’s natural to seek ways that you can save money.  In this article I’m going to talk about several simple and practical ways that you could lower your home’s energy consumption and save money.  By making just a few changes in your home you could save energy and lower your utility bills.  If you spend less, it means you’re using less energy and that’s a bonus in promoting sustainability.

Because you’re doing this is to save money, not spend it, most of these changes won’t require major investments.  Making these changes in your home may also inspire you to live more sustainably and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Change to LED Bulbs


Many homeowners are starting to replace their standard light bulbs with LED bulbs that use up to 80% less power.  You can do this gradually, changing to LED’s as you replace your bulbs.  Though LED’s were costly when they were introduced, the new LED’s are less expensive, last longer and are more efficient than ever.


Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs that as much as 80% less power

This should be your first step towards eco-friendliness and sustainability and there’s a reason for that.  LED bulbs are a great investment for those looking for frugal ways to save energy.  They also work well for your decorative lighting and there are affordable options to use throughout your home.


Learn to Turn Off Your Devices


This small change doesn’t require your spending a single penny, but it can really go a long way.  You  probably leave your electronic devices on without thinking about the energy you waste by doing so.  If you turn off just a handful of devices when they are not being used you might be surprised by the savings.  


Installing a motion activated light switch in the children's bathroom ensure that the light is only on when the bath is occupied

You may be surprised how much energy you can save.  Turn off your TV’s, computers, and smart devices that you aren’t using them.  The hardest part may be developing this habit and always remind yourself to switch off your devices when they are not being used.

Using timers can be an easy way to ensure that this happens on a regular basis.  Many newer devices and appliances may even have this ability built into them.  Your water heater is an energy hog, putting it on a timer could ensure that it operates only when you need it to.

A very simple fix that costs little is replacing light switches in some rooms with a motion activated light switch.  I’ve done this in my hall bathroom, I simply got tired of turning off the lights after the grankids used it.  Two problems solved with one action.   


Install a Programmable Thermostat


Although it sounds too good to be true, you can really save lots of money on heating and cooling if you replace your thermostat and with a programmable one.  You’ll be able to control the temperature in your home much more efficiently.


My new programmable thermostat to accompany my new high efficiency heating and cooling system

A programmable thermostat will allow you to adjust the temperature during the night, when you’re at work or away for the weekend.  Many of the new thermostats have the advantage of being operated using your smart phone making them adjustable even when you aren’t home.


Add Energy-Efficient Devices


The kitchen is usually the place where we use the most power, and you need to think about making a few changes here too.  One way is to invest in Energy Star labeled appliances that use less power and water when you replace your appliances.

Even though they be more expensive, more energy efficient appliances will pay off because of the money you’ll save day after day.  You can also opt to cook with gas instead of electricity providing you with the flame from the moment you turn them on.

Just make sure you’ve found a safe way to connect gas, thus helping your new appliances reach their full potential, and you’re good to go!


Make Small Green Changes


Though we all need outside lights for safety and secutity, we don’t have to install the one that uses a lot of energy.  Instead install motion sensor lights or even better install solar powered lights..

Another great idea is installing low-flow showerheads in your bathroom if it does not have them.  This upgrade will help you save water, without compromising the quality of your showers.

No matter if you live in a brand new home or just want to boost the efficiency of your old place, you should consider making some of these changes.

This is just the first step towards a more sustainable life and a definite upgrade for you and your family.  It’s easy to live worry free about wasting energy and water.  We need to think more about how all of our actions have an effect on the environment.



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