Pinterest for Beginners

Even when Pinterest makes changes to their algorithms, your numbers shouldn’t change a lot if you have a loyal audience.

  1. Know and understand your audience. It is easy to lose your sense of intuition if you aren’t tracking with your audience.
  2. Continue to be authentic as a blogger. Walk with your reader; get to know them. (Learn more here about how know and understand your audience.)


Numbers don’t matter; 100 solid followers is better than 10,000 come-and-go followers. If you have 100 people that care, that is worth 10x more. Work on building relationships with those 100 people; let them know that they matter to you.

Let the reader know that you write because they come to read it. Without that relationship, there is no reason for a reader or follower to come back.

Build a connection with your reader; that connection is the reason someone will be loyal to you, or trust you.

Keep building slowly. Turn that 100 into 200, and 200 into 300. But make it 300 real followers. Everyone has to start at the beginning! Don’t wish to be three years ahead of where you are now; enjoy the beginning, and use the knowledge you have to go forward.

Share yourself. Would one of your readers know what to buy you for your birthday based on what you share? Be consistent in sharing things that you actually like, so that your audience gets to know the real you. Be okay with being different! Even if you are sharing a recipe, there is a way to share it that is uniquely you.

Build a connection with your reader. That connection is the reason someone will be loyal to you, or trust you.


Be mindful of your audience and their needs. Andie blogs about healthy living and weight loss. While she adores a decadent chocolate cake, that is not what her audience is looking to her for.

Use a scheduling tool if you want to Pin a lot of posts at once. Andie uses Viral Tag for this, so she doesn’t Pin a ton of stuff at once, since she mostly looks for things to Pin at night.

Stop trying to Pin a massive amount of Pins per day; try to find the flow of where you’re going. It’s not about a number; it’s about quality. Be intentional about what you’re doing.


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