List unused domains for sale quickly and easily at no cost

As consumers continue to turn to online to start building their dreams and ventures, it is more important than ever for entrepreneurs to find the right domain names. Yet, some of those domains might already be registered, but unused.  

We now make it easy for customers to list their unused domains for sale right where so many searches and ventures begin: GoDaddy. 

Every day, millions of entrepreneurs visit GoDaddy to start their dreams and turn them into ventures. And many of those start with a simple domain name. This makes GoDaddy the right place to list your unused domains for sale.  

Previously, when customers were interested in listing their unused domains for sale, they would find a cumbersome and confusing process with multiple steps.  

Today, we are making it easy to list your unused domains for sale and connect them with millions of potential buyers around the world and putting some money in your pocket. You can list them for sale any unused domains in just a couple of clicks directly from your account. No technical expertise needed. Best of all, there is no cost for this.  

We all had great ideas that sometimes go unexecuted or stale. Those unused domains can be listed for sale at GoDaddy. Get started now 


 Why listing unused domains for sale with GoDaddy? 

  • Appear in GoDaddy searches. When using our risk-free list for sale domain solution, your domains appear in relevant search results on GoDaddy when users look for domains for their ventures, products, or services.  
  • Unmatched global exposure. Once your domains are listed for sale, they will also appear in relevant search results in over 120 global platforms getting over 75 million qualified monthly searches, thanks to our Afternic’s network. Afternic, a GoDaddy brand, is the world’s largest domain marketplace and distribution network.  
  • Knowledgeable Sales team working for you. Just like you see For Sale signs in real estate, we made it easy for you to add a customized For Sale landing pages to each domain you list. For Sale landing pages increase the sales potential of your domains. This way, whenever someone types your domain directly in their URL, a customized page will let them know it is available for sale and our knowledgeable Sales team will guide them through the process. This is also available at no cost. 

Start risk-free with our list for sale domain solution; you only pay a small commission when your domain sells. You have nothing to lose.


How much can I make? 

It all depends on your unused domains, how many you list for sale, and their potential value. And because we know that pricing domains can be difficult, we embedded our estimated price into the experience. This free GoDaddy tool uses our extensive historical sales data and proprietary technology to suggest the estimated value of your domains.  

Check the estimated value of your domain here 

When a sale is completed, you will be notified and we will issue payment based on your preferred method from several different options, including eCheck, PayPal, or wire transfer or ACH. 


Start listing any unused domain for sale now with GoDaddy

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