How to support small businesses this holiday season

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2020 has been one heck of a ride for small businesses. We’ve had to re-imagine, rethink and evolve our businesses just to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why it is so important for small businesses online and in your community to support each other this holiday season.

The reality is, many of us with businesses will be looking towards this holiday season as a make or break it scenario, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses in our local communities.

Let’s show our support for these new business models and reward them for addressing customer concerns and evolving regulations.

Stepping up to support small businesses

The holidays can be hectic without a pandemic added to the mix.

Rather than gravitating to big-box stores out of convenience, let’s think out of the box this holiday season.

What if we make the effort to seek out those other small businesses that have a story we can relate to? Or the ones that have products and services that will surprise and delight all who receive them?

Doing so will not only give joy to those we give gifts to but help to keep these hard-working small businesses viable and there for us in the future.

Here are a few ways to help to support small businesses this Holiday season:

  • Shop local
  • Buy gift cards or certificates
  • Promote other small businesses on your social media pages — with links
  • Talk them up to your friends so they can support them, too

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Shopping local: Online and offline

Woman on snowy street holding holiday presents

No matter where you live, there is Main Street. Use a sunny day as an excuse to get out and take a walk to discover new gift ideas.

Believe it or not, many small-town small businesses still do not have websites. You can seek out their Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see what they have to offer.

No ecommerce available? Message them and ask about gift ideas and cards that you can purchase for family and friends. Then, take advantage of curbside pickup.

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How small businesses can support each other

Small businesses can collaborate with each other on holiday events and promotions.

Organize a holiday gift walk or another holiday event where each storefront offers specials and holiday activities on a specific date. Then, share in the promotion activities and expenses. Each business can announce their participation in events on their social accounts with the same promotional text and imagery.

Coordinate with other virtual small businesses to bundle products/services to offer holiday packages.

Setup an after-hours Zoom session so that everyone can share their marketing plans and learn from each other. (This collaboration can continue after the holiday season, too.)

The reason for the season

The COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us re-prioritize what is important — and that includes how we spend our hard-earned dollars.

No better way to be in line with the reason for the season than small businesses supporting each other.

By holiday shopping at other small businesses, we can make a positive impact and one that hopefully makes a difference in our communities as well.

Check out these resources on for more guidance and strategies you can use to get through these difficult times.

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