You Need to Know What Your Blog Reader’s Want

You Have to Consider What Your Readers Need


We all write our blog posts, hoping to attract visitors who will find them helpful and informative.  How we choose what we write about has to take into consideration what our reader’s need and how we can provide them with the information they are seeking.  

Our posts must be responsive to the needs of our audience.




You Need to Know How Reader’s Questions Become Blog Posts 


Many of my blog post topics come out of readers’ questions or problems.  However, sometimes I just write about something that I feel will help and inform my readers.  

It’s important at this step for me to take a moment and think about my reader’s situation.  Often to prepare, I will write a couple of sentences about who I’m trying to reach.  Then I will try and imagine how they may view the topic that I have decided to write about.


Decide What Your Call to Action Will Be

  Before you even begin writing, you should think about what your call to action will be.  This will shape your blog post’s headline, your introduction, how you compose your post’s body, and how you reach your conclusion.  

What Action Do You Want Reader’s to Take

  Keep in mind that your digital marketing has only one purpose.  Everything you do is designed to evoke a response from your reader’s.  To do so your content must begin a conversation with the goal of obtaining your desired response.  


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