You Need to Know How to Write an Introduction That Engages P

Write Your Blog Post Introduction


Your Blog Post introduction is your invitation to your readers.  Here is where you express “We Want You” to your readers and invite them to read your post.  

Some bloggers prefer to write the rest of the post first and then craft the introduction.  However writing the introduction upfront works best for me. It helps me get into the flow of my post.

As with the title, the introduction often shapes the direction of the post itself.  My introduction is usually one to three paragraphs long.  But again like the headline, I go back to rework the introduction after finishing the post.


Consider What Your Reader Needs


As you write the introduction, think about your reader and their situation, question or problem.  Show them you really understand how they feel.  

It’s important to show empathy for your reader in the first few lines of your post.  Doing this will allow you to make a deeper connection with your reader.  They’ll become engaged and read the rest of your article.



Paint a Picture for Your Reader


This is also a where you need to paint a picture of how the reader will benefit from reading your post.  What will they be able to achieve, or what will be different for them after reading it?  

Remember to keep your introduction brief, this is your sales pitch to entice them to read your post.  Sell the sizzle, save the steak for the main body of your post.


Your Reader Must Become Invested


It’s not enough to just paint a picture for your reader.  Your introduction must engage the reader, drawing them into what you are writing.  


Be Informative but Brief


Your introduction must be informative and educational, without making your reader feel as if they are being preached to.


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