How to Promote Your Amazing Blog In 5 Positive Steps

How Can you Grow Your Blog Readership?


It’s no secret that every blogger wants their blog readership to grow.  Because more readers is the currency which we all seek.  How can we increase our audience?  What is the secret of getting more readers for our blog?

It’s all about creating anticipation within your audience to increase the number of subscribers on your blog.   The more people anticipate and enjoy reading your blog content, the more likely they are to come back and subscribe to your blog.

It is possible for you to create as much anticipation on your blog as possible without increasing your readership, if you don’t also do what I’m sharing with you today.  Let me tell you about the mistake that many bloggers commit when they’re promoting their blogs.


Don’t Waste Your Efforts Preaching to the Converted


Many bloggers make the mistake of promoting your subscription methods to the same people.  Why expend your efforts on those who have already subscribed, your regular readers.

Don’t continue preaching to the converted, doing the same thing over and over again.


It’s OK to Promote to Your Readers


It’s OK to talk about your subscription methods to your regular readers.  Your readers should see your invitations to subscribe because promoting your subscription methods is an important step in building your RSS subscriber numbers.  However, bombarding your regular readers could result in a diminishing conversion rate the more you do it.

Perhaps increasing your subscriber numbers can be acheived by largely pitching it to your current readers.  We all see daily examples of how this is done by many bloggers and I have done it myself.  I do encourage you to tell your readers about your subscription methods.  

However, you must understand that the more you do this the less impact it will subsequently have.  Don’t risk annoying your regular readers by dunning them with constant subscription reminders.

It’s ok to preach to the converted a little, because it does work.  But your main promotion efforts for your blog should be happening OFF your blog.  To really grow your blog’s subscriber base, you need to find new potential readers to attract.

Go OFF Blog to Increase Your Audience

This does seem to be so obvious.  However, it’s something that many fail to understand.  Why would we continue to do the same thing, and expect our blogs to grow.  How can you go OFF your blog and successfully attract new readers and subscribers to your blog?


How Can You Expose Your Blog to NEW Readers?


OK, so the secret is to discover and promote your blog to new readers.  That’s not really an earth shattering revelation.  I’m sure as you read that sentence many of you were thinking, well duhhhh.  But, how do you do that?

I want you to realize, that as easy as this principle sounds, it’s much harder to do.  Getting the word out about your blog to new groups of readers is not easy.  However if you don’t make the effort to widen your circle of influence, your subscriber growth will be slow.


How I’d Promote My Blog If I Were New to Blogging


I’m regularly asked how I’d promote my blog if I was new and just starting.  I will answer that question with a series of posts, all focused upon the topic of finding NEW readers.

In my series of blog posts over the next five weeks I’ll be discussing five areas that I’d focus upon as a new blogger to give my blog a start.  I hope you find them useful.



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